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Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit 3-7-96

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St. Joseph, The Holy Spirit says,
" Mankind must understand that the Soul is a
Portion of The Father, as I Am The Holy Spirit of
Him. This Closeness is evident in the minds of
mankind, in the very fact that mankind knows right
over wrong, good over evil."

ON MARCH 7,1996 AT 12:53 P.M.


"Man knows Me as Saint Joseph. I am
associated as the Foster Father of The Son of God.
This statement reveals more to mankind than mankind
has seen it to be.

Stories of the past, through time, have changed
because of translation and because of the differences
in how mankind interpreted many things. Yes, in
the eyes of mankind I am the Foster Father of The
Son of God. I am also The Holy Spirit of The

Logic would say to mankind, who else could be
entrusted with the Protection of The Son of God and
The Beloved Holy Mother of God, to give to the world
a Personal Representation of Love, Sacrifice, and the
Important Information that human life has a Soul,
and that the Soul is the recipient of all that the
individual does, and that the Soul is to be returned
to God for All Eternity.

So much could not have been written, because
mankind looks at the written word as positive fact,
so all things that were written were to give substance,
standard, reason, to the Importance of what was
claimed to be The Holy Family, Representing All of
what mankind should follow in Love, Protection,
Sacrifice, and yes, family importance.

When The Father gave to the world this Sign
of what the family stood for and what all families
were to represent, He gave it because He was sure
that this Representation of Purity, of Togetherness,
would pass down through time, openly instructing
mankind, openly designating to mankind, the
importance of human bondage to each other, a
husband, a wife, a family.

Today this manner of living, this unit of living
is not being practiced in the manner in which it was
intended to be. It is a great sadness to The Father
to see so much devastation in family affairs, family
unity. The enemy of God and man works
continuously to destroy what the family should stand
for, representative of the Gift of life, the continuation
of life, the protection within a family, morally,
physically, socially, spiritually.

The Father has given to the world an Open
Sign. The Father has used a small child of an age
understandable to mankind, to be able to present the
Words, the Directions, because the age was an
important factor in His Design. It bore stability,
understanding, stature, and it represented the whole
world of mankind in the state of the marriage state,
because that is how We walked, so that mankind could
see the dignity of the profession of unity.

Today throughout the world there are so many
dysfunctional relationships, associations, men, women
and children living in pretense, ignoring the value
of human life, its purpose, what it represents, and
the goal for which it is responsible: unity, sincerity,
understanding, through working together for the
Salvation of the Souls of all involved.

As We walked on the earth in Our time, We
walked in Communion with Each Other, but also in
Communion with all with whom We were associated.
Our times historically were different than now,
because Our times were essentially, basically different
in so many areas of standards, workmanship, social
meetings, and of course, in the work place.

I could speak volumes on this subject, too much
to be given at a given time, but mankind must
understand that this Miracle that bears My Name is
a Gift of Divine Love from The Father, close to What
Divine Love the Gift was when We walked the earth
as a Family.

Family life today is the foundation of many
excuses, many deliberate lies, indifferences, because
so much is acceptable that is unacceptable to The
Father's Will. Innocence is being betrayed, conscience
is being set aside, humanism is evident everywhere
and is being accepted as bonafide.

This Miracle must be passed throughout the
world in spite of many who will reject It, many who
will be jealous of It, many who will lie about It,
because this Gift of The Father's Love is a Gift of
Instruction, because of the Souls that are involved,
that are being ignored as to Their Existence.

Mankind must understand that the Soul is a
Portion of The Father, as I Am The Holy Spirit of
Him. This Closeness is evident in the minds of
mankind, in the very fact that mankind knows right
over wrong, good over evil.

These Words must be passed to millions, because
there is so much unnecessary, allowed diabolical
intervention in what was proposed to be 'places of
Holiness' where mankind could find the means, the
directions to Sanctity. So be it."

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
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and continuously as witnessed by all those
present at the time.
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