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Rating Agencies,Software Monopolies,Neocons inside BAE Systems,and where is all the money coming from ?

Von: financialtools1 (financialtools1@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 02.04.2010 22:59
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1) BAE Systems is a very important Military,Security and Intelligence
in the EU and USA, the news that Michael Chertoff has been appointed
to the Board
of Directors of the Company is insulting: this political appointee of
the Bush -Cheney
Administration is a partner of the extreme Netanyahu-Murdoch group, a
Trojan Horse
for the EU and the USA, it's a huge security leak, it's asking for
more terrorism
to generate more contracts, because they always work the 2 sides of
the disaster, get it ?

and after the confirmation that this neocon political-military group
has been selling key
F-16, F-35 , radio , radar and satellite technology to the Chinese
Military ,
what are they thinking ?

2) Moody's talks about downgrading USA Treasury Bonds, S&P and Fitch
talk about downgrading that country in the EU and that other Company
over there .... and what's wrong with this picture? these same 3
Rating Agencies and others were the ones who until 2008 were giving a
AAA rating to most of the junk derivatives and swaps sold by
Commercial Bankers, Investment Bankers, Equity Partners, LLC,LP , PP
and Hedge-Funds as "top grade secure investments", and so retirees ,
investors, stockholders and workers lost everything while the bankers
and the Rating Agencies executives and stockholders went home with
huge bonuses and fat stock-options, and what do the Politicians and
Financial Authorities in the USA and the EU do ? nothing , they look
the other way and get political campaign donations from them and their
partners, so what a pack of traitors and corrupt criminals we got in
charge !

3) Novell ( and SuSe Linux), the work of the Open Source community and
the Taxpayers is under attack from Hedge-Funds and their vital open
patents may be compromised for quick profits ,and what do the Leaders
in the EU and USA do ? nothing .

4) Polycom , a key video-conference company is under attack from the
neocon Gores Group, one of the biggest investment bankers of the
Netanyahu-Murdoch machine, they are trying with these purchases to
monopolize the video-conference market and software, and what do the
leaders in the EU and the USA do ? nothing.

...and about the Gores Group, they are accumulating vital
Military,Intelligence and Security Contractors stock in the EU and USA
Defense areas , and where do they get their billions of dollars from ?
anyone find out where the money comes from ? the Saudi-Kuwait-Qatar
area ? the Gibraltar-Bermuda-Cooks Islands area ? where do they get
their money to invest in key Defense contractors in the EU and the
what's going on ?

The Gores Group and Chertoff is the same neocon team, this is military
and what are they doing in Brussels and Washington D.C. about it ?
do they know ? do they even care ?

5) In the "2008 Financial Derivatives Disaster ", the greed of
speculators in oil, gas, minerals as well as currency speculation and
National Debt speculation and shorting ( betting these countries will
go bankrupt ) had big rewards : this article in the New York Times
below mentions the staggering multi-billion profits of the top Hedge-
Fund managers , mostly by speculating and shorting and betting on bad
debt and commodities and multiple derivatives in unregulated markets ,
but also due to the Incompetence and Corruption of Political
Leaders , our  "leaders" :

Pay of Hedge Fund Managers Roared Back Last Year

so how about a Tax ( or levy or reserves ) on all Financial
Institutions , including Insurance and Hedge-Funds , for possible
future "Bail-Outs" ? , and this must be done by all, the USA and the
EU as well as all G-20 partners.


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