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Building Oracle BIEE Reports And Dashboards In Minutes

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Datum: 16.04.2010 08:59
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Dear Readers

See The Webinar To Learn How To Build Oracle BIEE Reports And
Dashboards In Minutes

Join us on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
10:30 am  12:00 pm UTC/ GMT (Check Local Time Zone)

OBIEE is a next-generation business intelligence platform which
provides optimized intelligence to take advantage of relational
database technologies. It is simple to use, highly interactive, Web-
based analysis tool and has the ability to pre-construct dynamic
reports and alerts.

Agenda For the session

* Identify and describe the major components of the Oracle BI
Enterprise Edition Architecture
* Use Oracle BI Answers to construct, modify, and save requests
* Navigation across Oracle BI Dashboard

Read More: http://www.iwarelogic.com/build-obiee-reports-dashboard.htm
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