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AQuA Powered Asterisk Voice Quality Monitoring Solution

Von: Sevana Oy (sevanafi@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 18.05.2010 09:54
Message-ID: <553c70e1-a6b8-4374-a268-34694701e797@y12g2000vbg.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: de.markt.comm

 Asterisk-powered dialer software
 Web Interface
 UNIX/Linux Cron-based Schedule Logic
 Open-Source Code
 Graphing Monitoring Stats
 MySQL Database for Call Records

Current Features

 Dial by SIP or PSTN - Asterisk base capable of dialing via any
 Blast-Dialing - send multiple calls to 1 trunk for specified
- No QoS/MOS scoring performed, designed for load testing
 QoS/MOS Test-Dialing
- Ad-Hoc - perform on-demand test dials
- Scheduled - unlimited schedules - hardware/software limited
- Multiple "Test Applications" Possible: Current system designed to
access conference bridge
 Simple Customized sequencing could allow testing through IVR
menus, or other applications as required.
- Dial MIRROR/Echo: Each dialer configured to respond to calls from
another dialer by CallerID
 Pre-Deployment Option: Perform simple inter-dialer testing
- Reports performance of scheduled tests over time
- Detailed graphs over time
 MOS, PESQ, R-Value, Volume/Amplitude Difference
- Sortable tables of results for all calls
- Detailed View of each test call
 Embedded web player; compare source, reference WAVs
 Initiate Dials via Web Service
- All calls are initiated by HTTP POST (even internally)

Upcoming Features

 Roll-up Reporting Dashboard
 Scheduled email reports
 Email notifications
- Threshold definitions per schedule, email notifications

Read more at: http://www.sevana.fi/aqua-powered-asterisk-voice-quality-moni

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