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Mkt headlines for the month of May

Daily News LetteróDated 2nd May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17287.31
NIFTY: Last Close: 5165.90
Gap up opening toward 5240-5250 levels but some profit booking can be
seen before we stabilize. Nifty will show 5300+ marks very soon as
written earlier, SL 5050. Hot Sector Today: IT & Infra.

Daily News LetteróDated 5th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17600.12
NIFTY: Last Close: 5228.20
Mkt will show good opening but volatility on later part of trading.
Best day for traders to gain in volatility, Sell at High & Buy at Dip
or vice-versa 4 intra-day gain. Hot Sector Today: Infra & Bank.

Daily News LetteróDated 6th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17490.90
NIFTY: Last Close: 5192.25
Any dip toward 5110-5150 level should b taken as buying opportunity
which can give good return in coming days. We are still not in safe
zone which is above 5320. Hot Sector Today: Fertilizer & Infra.

Daily News LetteróDated 7th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17373.01
NIFTY: Last Close: 5144.65
Mkt to show nervousness at higher levels, best is to sell at high &
buy at dip or vice-versa for intra-day gains. Nifty Support at 5110
-5050 & Resis at 5250-5320. Hot Sector Today: Mid-Cap IT Stock.

Daily News LetteróDated 8th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17339.31
NIFTY: Last Close: 5135.50
Today we can see some weakness throughout the day but last hours of
trade will be very crucial, we can see sharp fluctuations. Keep eye on
RIL. Hot Sector Today: Oil & Sugar.

Daily News LetteróDated 9th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17080.65
NIFTY: Last Close: 5081.70
Crucial Day & eyes will be on inflation data. Any +ve news will show
good rally in the Mkt. Nifty panic selling can be seen bel 5000. RIL
looks strong. Hot Sector Today: Steel & Bank.

Daily News LetteróDated 12th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16737.07
NIFTY: Last Close: 4982.60
Nifty will find support around 4910 & 4800 levels. Mkt is still in
panic zone & profit booing will be seen at every rise, so avoid long
until close abv 5320. Hot Sector Today: Telecom.

Daily News LetteróDated 13th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16860.90
NIFTY: Last Close: 5012.65
Mkt has recovered well with good vol in selected stocks, now start
buying at every dip with SL 4800 in Nifty. Soon short covering will
kill bears. Hot Sector Today: R-Groups & Oil.

Daily News LetteróDated 14th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16752.86
NIFTY: Last Close: 4957.80
Panic selling is seen at every rise & Nifty will find crucial support
at 4800 but first 4910 is minor support. Buy at every dip for bounce
back for sure. Hot Sector Today: Steel & IT.

Daily News LetteróDated 15th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16978.35
NIFTY: Last Close: 5011.75
As said earlier to buy on dips, now all bears will be trapped soon.
Keep strict SL 4800 with your positions. We can see 5250-5300 Nifty
levels soon. Hot Sector Today: Sugar & Infra.

Daily News LetteróDated 16th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17353.54
NIFTY: Last Close: 5115.25
Again a hurdle with bulls today: Inflation Figure. Mkt will remain
range bound till 12 noon & then sudden movement, expected positive
side only. Hot Sector Today: Bank & Fertilizer.

Daily News LetteróDated 20th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17434.94
NIFTY: Last Close: 5157.70
Mkt is in favor of the bulls but remain cautious as hurdle at 5320 on
closing basis. Try to book your long positions at every rise & stay in
cash. Hot Sector Today: Fertilizers & Metal.

Daily News LetteróDated 21st May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17230.18
NIFTY: Last Close: 5104.95
Mkt will show weak opening but bounce back from lower levels expected.
Nifty support at 5050 & Resis at 5150 for day-traders, pls avoid long.
Hot Sector Today: Infra and Power.

Daily News LetteróDated 22nd May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 17243.16
NIFTY: Last Close: 5117.65
Today will be a volatile day, which will show gap down opening, but
some relief later on. Today 5000 level will be good support on closing
basis. Hot Sector Today: Bank, IT & Infra.

Daily News LetteróDated 23rd May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16907.11
NIFTY: Last Close: 5025.45
Last day for Mkt to show clear trend, if recovers yíday loss then
expect 5200-5250 next week else chance of 4800 level in Nifty, Keep an
eye. Hot Sector Today: Sugar, Pharma & Cement.

Daily News LetteróDated 26th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16649.64
NIFTY: Last Close: 4946.55
A highly volatile day today will be, Buy at Dip toward 4910-4800
levels from here a sharp bounce expected. Nifty has Supp 4800 & Resis
5150. Hot Sector Today: Metal, Oil & Gas.

Daily News LetteróDated 27th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16348.50
NIFTY: Last Close: 4875.05
Some relief can be seen but still panic selling & volatility expected
at every rise due to F&O expiry this week. Nifty has Supp 4800 & Resis
4910. Hot Sector Today: Elect, IT & Textile.

Daily News LetteróDated 28th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16275.59
NIFTY: Last Close: 4859.80
Mkt will show intra-day volatility facing hurdle at 4950 today & Supp
at 4800. A break bel 4800 can show 4650 levels but seems lesser
chances. Hot Sector Today: Fertilizer & Telecom.

Daily News LetteróDated 29th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16525.37
NIFTY: Last Close: 4918.35
F&O expiry today, Mkt will show short covering & volatility due to
rollover. The Mkt bias remains +ve for today with Nifty hurdle at
5000-5050. Hot Sector Today: R-Group & Banks.

Daily News LetteróDated 30th May 2008 SENSEX: Last Close: 16316.26
NIFTY: Last Close: 4835.30
Stock specific selling can be seen on higher levels. Sell at Rise &
Buy at Dips or vice-versa for intra-day gains. Nifty will face hurdle
at 4910-4950. Hot Sector Today: Oil& Gas and Infra.

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