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let's view amongst the suspicious classrooms, but don't fill the fucking determinations

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55Seneca, Epistles, cvi. "Wisdom does not demand much teaching."

56Cicero, De finibus bonorum et malorum. "What is not shameful begins to
become so when it is approved by the multitude."

57Terence, Heauton Timorumenos, I. i. 21. "That is how I use it; you must do
as you wish."

58Quintillian, x. 7. "It is rare that one sufficiently respects one's self."

59Seneca the Elder, Suasoriae, i. 4. "So many gods are busy around a single

60Cicero, Academica, i. 45. "Nothing is more shameful than to affirm before

61Cicero, Disputationes Tusculanae, i. 25. "I have not shame, as they do, to
admit that I know not what I do not know."

62Seneca, Epistles, lxxii. "It is easier not to begin....

63Lam. 3:1. "I am the man that hath seen."

64"What you seek without knowing, religion will announce to you." Pascal
misquotes Acts 17:23. "Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I
unto you."

65Prov. 8:31. "And my delights were with the sons of men."

66Joel 2:28. "I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh."

67Ps. 82:6. "Ye are gods."

68Is. 40:6. "All flesh is grass."

69Ps. 49:12, 13. "He is like the beasts that perish; this their way is their

70Eccles. 3:18. "I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of

[71]1 Cor. 1:25 "The foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness
of God is stronger than men."

[72]Ovid, Metamo

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