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Re: edith, still shaping, invades almost and so on, as the sector signs opposite their surprise

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and vile. These are the two ways which make us judge of him
differently and which occasion such disputes among philosophers. For one
denies the assumption of the other. One says, "He is not born for this end,
for all his actions are repugnant to it." The other says, "He forsakes his
end, when he does these base actions."

416. For Port-Royal. Greatness and wretchedness.--Wretchedness being deduced
from greatness, and greatness from wretchedness, some have inferred man's
wretchedness all the more because they have taken his greatness as a proof
of it, and others have inferred his greatness with all the more force,
because they have inferred it from his very wretchedness. All that the one
party has been able to say in proof of his greatness has only served as an
argument of his wretchedness to the others, because the greater our fall,
the more wretched we are, and vice versa. The one party is brought back to
the other in an endless circle, it being certain that, in proportion as men
possess light, they discover both the greatness and the wretchedness of man.
In a word, man knows that he is wretched. He is therefore wretched, because
be is so; but he is really great because he knows it.

417. This twofold nature of man is so evident that some have thought that we
had two souls. A single subject seemed to them incapable of such sudden
variations fr

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